Alumina nano fibers (NAFEN)

nano fibers Nafen

LabChemDesign is a representative of ANF Technology – inventor and owner of Alumina Nano Fiber production technology. Alumina Nano Fibers are unique hi-tech product, which might totally change your industry.

Long Nano Fibers, with 10 nm diameters only, have incredible breaking strength and heat endurance up to 1250 C. These provide unlimited capabilities to modify material properties by creating of composite structures. For example, applying Nano Fibers to paint coating increases flexural strength, crack resistance, and wear resistance. Using Nano Fibers in ceramics might significantly increases its compressive strength and other mechanical properties. Adding Nano Fibers to engineering plastics lets inforce their impact strength and tensile at break.

We realize direct sales of Alumina Nano Fibers prepared in blocks, dispersion or masterbatches. Moreover, we provide technical support and help to impregnate Nano Fibers in customer’s products for enforcing of their properties.

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